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Canada: From 9/11 Horror to Hemispheric Military Co-operation

March 30, 2010

I am republishing this article, originally posted to OpEdNews on Oct. 22, 2008, because I wish later to refer to some of the points made here.

I am publishing this article as an opinion piece because, at this moment, I do not have the time to research it but consider its subject matter so important that I wish it at least to be before the public.

As a Canadian, I am especially concerned about the increasing number of security-related arrangements since 9/11 being promulgated under the umbrella of the so-called “Security and Prosperity Partnership”- and being justified as part of the “war on terror.”-

Although I am not an expert in these matters, I nonetheless assert that these security agreements are predicated on fictitious grounds and are simply designed to serve a Bush-administration or neoconservative agenda of hemispheric domination.

I warn Canadians against protocols being devised for their armed forces without being submitted to the Canadian electorate and without being adequately debated by Parliament.  I encourage Canadians to wake up and realize that this is not the 1950s. We cannot any longer assume that the United States is the benevolent defender of democracy. In my opinion, the government of the United States under George Bush has become the rogue state in the world and Canadians must wake up to this unfortunate reality before they sell the family farm.

All the agreements that Canada has made relating to Northern Command/NORAD and to any other maritime, aviation, immigration, law enforcement or similar security arrangement that are predicated on a “war on terror”- trace themselves back to the events of 9/11, the time at which the “war on terror”- was initiated (though not first thought up).

However, as my articles on this website argue, (1) the events of 9/11 were wholly instigated and engineered by the Bush administration and its allies in Northern Command/NORAD, the CIA, the FBI, government departments and allied foreign operatives.

That is to say, for any who cannot understand my meaning clearly: the war on terror is bogus.  All the security arrangements devised by Americans and Canadians since 9/11 and based on the threat of terrorism are unfounded.  They are simply measures designed to extend American rule by a neoconservative cabal bent on territorial domination.

I know that what I say sounds like some kind of leftist, anti-imperialistic sentiment.  I am not attached to any comprehensive political philosophy. What I say here simply appears to me to be the truth. Any amount of research into the events of 9/11 will show you that the official story is full of holes.  If the Bush administration were behind 9/11, would it not want to keep its actions secret?  It would not come out and announce its authorship of the crimes, would it?  No, it would oblige investigators to dig.

At first, investigators, except for insider whistleblowers, would not be able to say what happened.  In the case of 9/11, the Bush administration has made doctrines like “national security” and “state secrets” into mechanisms to prevent investigation of their war crimes and crimes against humanity. Naturally, the web they weave gets bigger and bigger and more war crimes and crimes against humanity are committed as more and more people protest and are either imprisoned, tortured, or are, like whistleblowers Phil Schneider and Billy Cooper, assassinated.

Take the case of Sibel Edmonds. Sibel reported what looked to her like inappropriate or perhaps criminal activities within the FBI, as her contract said she must do.  Instead of being congratulated, she was subjected to an ever-increasing series of retaliatory actions that ended in Atto0rney-General John Ashcroft saying that even discussing her birth date or degrees was a matter covered by the states-secrets doctrine. (2) Given that what Sibel stumbled onto was all corruption, one can see that the need to deceive simply grows and grows and results in ever wider crimes.  The first crime like 9/11 demands more and more crimes being committed to cover it up.

That having been said, what we are now seeing in the case of Canada is a cascading series of military agreements between Northern Command and the Canadian military which moves as if to a drumbeat, the marching theme being a war against terrorism, and allows American forces more and more leeway in Canada, even extending to them the right to enter Canada in the event of a “terrorist”- threat.

Here is section 2 of the “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America Security Agenda”-:

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive North American strategy for combating transnational threats to the United States, Canada, and Mexico, including terrorism”-. (3)

[Note: I have since become aware that either Canada or the United States may also send troops into the other’s territory in the event of a pandemic outbreak. Since most pandemics have been created in American laboratories, this too presents a scenario for the takeover of Canada by the United States.]

This “comprehensive North American strategy,” which allows American troops to enter Canada in the event of a “terrorist”- attack, is itself fraudulent because the United States government is itself the author of the “terrorist” attack that began the war on terror.

Canadians, as well as Americans, are being bewitched, hoodwinked, or hypnotized by the term “terrorism.” It is used to induce us to fall in line with a represented need to beef up continental defence and allow American forces to, in reality, take over the country’s defences.  But there is no terrorist threat to begin with, save that which the Bush administration has itself created.

Researchers are labouring to show, and I think have to a great extent raised enough doubt to merit attention from us, that the lion’s share of so-called terrorist activities, such as 9/11, 7/7, the Madrid bombings, the Oklahoma bombing, and the attempted Heathrow bombings, are all false-flag operations. We Canadians, you Americans, and the world are being bamboozled.

It is time to stop being misled. It is time to wake up out of the hypnotism of “anti-terrorism.” When all the military agreements since 9/11 are examined in the cold light of day, a day in which the “war on terrorism” is seen to be a neoconservative ploy, the need for the drumbeat disappears, the need for all the military agreements disappears, and what is revealed is the expansionist agenda that is their true reason for being.

I will research these in more detail soon. But I have noticed such a momentum to the joint American/Canadian military agreements that I first wish to alert Canadians by way of simple opinion.  It is my simple opinion that Canadians are being railroaded into ceding their country militarily to the United States by a series of military agreements founded on fictitious grounds.

Canadians can go outside today and take a deep breath of cool air and know that there is no war on terrorism–save that which the United States government itself is creating as a pretext to usurping our country.


(1)   See, for example, “In the Name of All Who Died on 9/11, We Must Act Now,”- OpEdNews, 4 Sept. 2007, at and “To Muslims of America, I Apologize,”- OpEdNews, 19 Sept. 2007, at

(2)   See talk by Sibel Edmonds to American Librarians Association, “Paul Reveres or Benedict Arnolds: Whistleblowing in bthe Post/911 Age,”-, at

(3)   At the White House website, .

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