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Latest on ET/UFO Disclosure

February 4, 2010

The latest ET reports on disclosure say that President Obama has been successfully diverted from it by the CIA-orchestrated Christmas attempt at bombing an airliner. Cdr. Hatonn, speaking through Suzy Ward, said that the ETs are not able to prevent operations of that sort prior to the divine deadline for disclosure having passed (which it has not as of the date of Hatonn’s pronouncement).

Said Hatonn on January 11:

“I’d love to report that a good deal of progress has been made [on dislcosure], but I can’t.  We knew there would be a slowdown in the momentum during Earth’s holiday period and we anticipated the strong possibility of a diversion tactic thrown in the wheels. We weren’t disappointed in that expectation, but the diversion is causing more ruckus and delay than we anticipated.

“That Christmas day airplane terrorist attempt was the kind of CIA black ops act that we can’t prevent. It was the perfect ploy to get your whole world up in arms again about ‘global terror’ and it has President Obama’s primary concentration. As if the foot-dragging on the healthcare bill and his country’s unemployment rate weren’t enough to occupy his attention in the past months! He was the driving force in discussions, and until he can get the former momentum up to speed again, the talks will continue to be more bickering than constructive.

“It’s just as well that no decisions are being made without Obama’s involvement. He strongly favors extensive and speedy disclosure and most of your other principal participants are being squeamish about both.

“We can suggest and recommend but not impose our judgment upon your representatives, much less take any action because it can be considered arbitrary at best or unilateral at worst. So we are being patient. That’s the only thing we can do until either your representatives reach agreement on all the important issues pertaining to the TV program or God in His wisdom decides what shall be done and when.

“Understand that Earth’s course is set, it’s her people who have a timetable to meet or get left behind. They need a wake-up call like being told that there are a lot of us in this universe with you.” (1)

SaLuSa remarks that “apart from getting bolder with our presence in your skies, there is not much more we can openly do until [the terrestrial decision has been made for] Disclosure.” (2)

We have to remember, as was discussed in an earlier post, (3) that, until a divine deadline has been passed, the ETs will not interfere with the free will of the dark hats to act as they wish – with a few exceptions such as an already-existing divine ban on the use of nuclear weapons or the staging of a second 9/11.

Mira the Pleiadian also says the exact date cannot yet be predicted:

“We are aware that many have predicted that we will make ourselves known on the Earth. We will – yes, we will make ourselves known to you in physical form. Some thought that by the end of 2009 it would be possible for this to occur. We are unable to tell you exactly when but it is much closer.” (4)

Obviously I and other commentators would be happy to be able to predict the date, but, until the divine deadlines has been passed for disclosure, it remains in the domain of terrestrial free will to step up to the plate.

If you listen to Aaron McCallum’s interview on Youtube, mentioned in a previous post, (5) you’ll see that the Illuminati, through the military, is itself busy trying to create the conditions for a WWIII, which undoubtedly the ETs are empowered to and will defeat. But it demonstrates that the opposition to disclosure remains very active.




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(4) Mira the Pleiadian, Jan. 13, 2010, thjrough Valerie Donner, at


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