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Twenty Fish in Twenty Fishbowls

December 2, 2009

Reposted from Dec. 2, 2009

I find it strange listening to people discuss international affairs in the absence of taking into consideration what the spiritual hierarchy and Galactic Federation (SHGF) have told us over the past few months and years.

I know that a friend recently asked: why are we listening to channeled messages? I have a different question: why are we listening to viewpoints that don’t take galactic events into consideration?

From political commentary through to climatology, the discussion proceeds without an apparent trace of explicit awareness that we stand on the threshold of an age whose possibilities cannot be imagined, but must be taken into consideration.

We hear from different sources that the American cabal wants a war with Iran, that the leaders of China want to humble America, that Copenhagen promises a treaty that will enslave the world, etc.

None of these observers seems aware, as far as I know, that, within a short time, all attempts to do harm and injustice to one another will have been stopped – forever.

It’s as if we are twenty fish, each in its own fishbowl, expounding but being unable to hear, or be heard by, the rest.

Meanwhile, (see, swarms of UFOs are appearing over South America, performing aerobatics above Lima and camping peacefully over other cities.

The ever-more-brazen appearance of “luminous circles” and cigar-shaped craft are surely a reality check for us, a cross-reference with what is said in the channelings.

I was having a chat with a friend the other day and I took a look inside at what makes me confident of events. It isn’t just the channelings – or at least not just the recent ones.

The descriptions of the New Age that came in the 1870s from “Imperator” (pseudonym used by the prophet Malachi) and beginning in the 1930s from “Silver Birch” (also a pseudonym) are corroborative.

The lectures of Bulgarian master Beinsa Douno starting in 1914 are explicit. Terrence McKenna’s learnings on psychedelics are informative, whether one agrees with his method or not.

All the scientists coming forward. The whistleblowers. The abductees and contactees.

It is disclosure that stands as the great dividing line between a public discourse that makes sense and one that does not.

All the excited analyses and predictions I hear around me strike me that way. When the galactics declare their presence, a great deal of the clamor will cease. Not all of it, by any means.

Why don’t all of us settle down now and avoid looking like such fools later?

Why don’t we begin the work now that will be so apparent and necessary later?

Why not listen to the channeled messages and the few people on the planet who appear to know the game plan? (I don’t know the game plan, just the barest details that we all know.)

I can’t wait for disclosure, to jump out of my fishbowl and back into the ocean. I am determined not to be swept away by worries of what may or may not come out of Copenhagen or rumors that the Communist Chinese want to take over America.

My attention is already fixed on what is only a short time away and I’m determined to live now from my vision of that New World.



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  1. December 5, 2009 1:31 am

    I think that very much of the world population is still in deep sleep.
    Or in some kind of coma of the consciousness…

    For those people, trusting their governments, politicians and intitutions of power/authority the need exists to be confronted with some of the things that just aren’t right.
    It would be a bridge too far to come up with the idea of a divine plan and extraterrestial life that is going to help us.
    They still need to wake up to the conclusion that they aren’t being taken care of in the way they wanted, or in the way that really serves them…

  2. Howard Schumann permalink
    December 2, 2009 7:43 pm

    Perhaps it is wishful thinking but I am also looking forward to the transformation of the world as envisioned by the Mayan Calendar. I have a sense that there is a divine plan which is now unfolding, though it is still unclear what it will look like.

    I also have the highest regard for Werner Erhard and if anyone will come forth to lead us in a spiritual path, it will be Werner.

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