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Don’t Be Afraid

November 21, 2009

Matthew Ward has pointed to something which I also would like to draw attention to. Matthew refers to Hatonn’s message concerning the imminent disclosure of the existence of intelligent, human extraterrestrial life in the galaxy, which you can read about in the post preceding this one.

Cdr Hatonn is director of multidimensional communication for the Galactic Federation.  Matthew is a terrestrial but no longer in the physical body.

I’ll let Matthew speak first:

“Hatonn spoke of the formidable opposition to acknowledging the existence of extraterrestrial life. This includes creating fear about the motives of other civilizations, and the dark ones have been doing that through entertainment venues. While it may appear that the television show ‘V’ was strategically planned after initial discussions a year or so back about officially recognizing other civilizations, producing that kind of viewing is just another means whereby seeds of fear have been planted throughout the ages.

“The same is true of the movie ‘2012,’ designed to evoke fearful thoughts that the world really may come to the kind of end that some fundamentalist religions are expecting. With “entertainment” catering to that belief and refreshing the fear about aliens, not to mention the many other popular entertainment forms based in violence, you can see why all aspects of the announcement program must be so carefully considered.

“Fear is the dark ones’ most powerful weapon against the light because the energy of fear not only forms a barrier between the consciousness and the soul, it refuels the darkness to keep it thriving. Another means of achieving that two-way objective as well as reducing the world’s population was developing various strains of ‘flu’ viruses. An important part of this diabolical scheme to create plagues, which during your history have caused massive fear and death tolls, was the conditioning of Earth’s peoples to regard death as the ultimate in fear.” (1)

At the apex of all institutions – governmental, financial, military, educational, corporate, media, etc. – is an elite which calls itself the “Illuminati,” (2) though they are at the opposite end of the spectrum from truly illuminated people like Sri Ramana Maharshi, Adyashanti, or Eckhart Tolle.

George Herbert Walker Bush called them the “New World Order.” (3) Woodrow Wilson, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and John F. Kennedy warned against them. The Illuminati assassinated Kennedy for his bravery. (4)

This elite controls the corporate mainstream media (MSM), including movie and TV film makers. I’m sure some of us are aware that we are not hearing what is really happening in the world from the MSM. We hear only what their Illuminati masters want us to hear. If you wish to hear the real news, you have to seek it out on the Internet.

Here’s just one obvious example. There are USD 1.5 quadrillion worth of a financial instrument called “derivatives” clogging up the financial system (5). There is no way the financial system will ever be able to clear this debt off its balance sheets. But we hear nothing about the situation in the MSM.

Instead we hear that the stock market is staging a comeback. There is no comeback from the derivatives megabubble.

(There will be a comeback from the financial mess itself. See “On NESARA,” on this site.) (6)

Well, now the MSM, knowing disclosure is imminent, is taking every opportunity to leave film and TV audiences (1) in fear generally, and (2) in fear of extraterrestrials specifically.

The ET fleet is parked mostly invisibly above our heads (you can see some shots of it if you google “UFO fleet” on Youtube). In the post preceding this, you can hear Cdr. Hatonn discuss the considerations that our intergalactic brothers and sisters are having about how to announce their presence given what the Illuminati and their controlled media are doing.

On my TV set, the whole of October was “Fear Month” on one channel. Much of November has been taken up with movies that portray ETs as fearsome, carnivorous, non-human creatures. There indeed may be those kind of creatures somewhere in space.

But the fleet of galactics, who’ve come here to aid Earth in its transition into unitive consciousness by or before Dec. 21, 2012, is not of that ilk. Not only are they not, but they have the Earth shielded off from any ETs who serve anything or anyone else besides God, or, if you prefer, the Light.

In November, we had the “Alien” Trilogy, in which a creature, whose blood is acidic enough to eat its way through three decks of a spaceship, had humans strung up like carcasses to be consumed.

We had a giant cockroach in “Men in Black” saying he wanted to take the heroine “for a snack” along when he leaves the planet. We had a rogue alien in “Stargate” wanting to blow up the Earth.

I turned to a friend and said, “All we’re lacking is ‘Independence Day,’” in which aliens want to ravage the planet like locusts. Less than a week later, TV aired that one as well.

The Illuminati know that there was a secret U.N. agreement to make 2009 a year of gradually opening ourselves to and acknowledging our awareness of our human family in other star nations. (7) The Illuminati are distinctly fighting a last-ditch effort to retain their control over this planet.

They are not only doing it by trying to scare us around the subject of ETs, but by creating pandemics that can be used to panic the population and crashing our financial institutions with mega-bubbles.

But all these tactics and strategies are known to the heavenly coalition that has assembled to break the grip of the Illuminati on this planet.

I know it is hard not to be taken in by the sheer size of the Illuminati’s productions. 9/11, for example, is one that people still believe was caused by Middle-Eastern hijackers; they still cannot see through the mesmeric spell the MSM has clothed that inside job in.

Entire wars, from the Spanish-American War to the two Gulf Wars have been staged by the Illuminati to profit from arms sales and extend their control over the world. We watched them fail in their attempts to draw Iran into war as well.

They are now seeding the Ukraine with a new virus, not the swine-flu variety, madly trying to push the state and people into martial law. (8)

Our job is to remain calm and loving. Our job is to look ahead and envision the Golden Age that is fast approaching, as a Phoenix from the ashes of the Old World Order.

Don’t be afraid of the Illuminati.

As the Old-Testament prophet said, those who are with us are many times greater than those who are against us.


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(2) Matthew’s Message, July 27, 2008, ibid. “Very few of you [realize] how far [the Illuminati’s] plans [to dominate the Earth] extended, and the degree to which they had been advanced. They had success in their grasp, but have had it snatched from them through joint activities with our allies.” (SaLuSa of Sirius, 10 Oct. 2008, at

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