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SaLuSa Invites Another Paradigm Shift

October 30, 2009

No Stasis, No Emigration

In his latest message (1), SaLuSa seems to suggest that the scenario of going into the Inner Earth (a scenario now abandoned) or going to other planets is not going to happen:

“You are the most important part of the plan for your upliftment. Mother Earth could if necessary take care of herself, but the transition and cleansing will be far easier if all participate in it.

“If Mother Earth started now you could not remain on Earth, as there would be changes of enormous magnitude threatening your existence. However, that is not in the plan as there is co-operation between us all to make the passing as gentle as possible.”

So no emigration to the Inner Earth and none to Mars, Venus, or Pax.

In the next passage, SaLuSa confirms something we were discussing earlier and invites a new paradigm shift.

“Whatever happens you will be safe, and our ships are ready to aid you should you be in danger. It does not mean in all circumstances, as some relatively minor changes will see souls leaving Earth and this will be in their life plan.

“You have to get used to the idea that death itself is nothing to fear, and once in the higher levels you will quickly throw off any vestiges of trauma. The vibrations alone are healing, but you will be attended by those who know how to help you quickly recover. We are all love and it is our way of life, and if you can do the same you are leading the way for others.”

Death is Nothing to Fear

SaLuSa now suggests that we will need to let go of the paradigm that holds that death is painful, catastrophic, a fearful and mournful occasion.

In fact, our relatives on the other side of life await our homecoming with great joy. We too, once we see how easy and painless the actual transition is, are filled with joy. This is the new paradigm of transition (formerly called “death”) we will need to accept if we are to emerge from the dark ages of our attitudes.

Death itself is simply a rising up out of the physical body in the etheric body (which, at that moment, “contains” the astral, mental, and other bodies) and then a rapid transition of scene from “here” to the Etheric Plane (also called the Borderlands and “Vestibule’), or, for some, directly to the Astral Plane. We will soon shed our ethetric body and stand forth in our astral.

If we are involved in a tragic departure, such as when a car hits a pole or a plane blows up, we are taken from our bodies a moment before the event. There is seldom pain involved in death.  Although the onlooker may see the physical go through suffering, the spirit has left. (See

Death is a Painless Birth for Us, a Homecoming

Listen to the voices of the transitioned, straightening us out on their situation and attitudes:

“What you call death … is really the entrance into life.” (Julia Ames, After Death, 64.)

“Do remember that, to us, your coming over here is no cause for grief – why should we interfere [with the course of an illness], in normal circumstances?”  (Philip to his mother, Alice Gilbert, in Philip in Two Worlds, 235.)

“We on this side rejoice when the soul of an old friend comes here.” (Mike Swain to his father, Jasper, in From My World to Yours, 56.)

“When anyone from the old world joins the family circle we get a great thrill.” (Grace Rosher’s mother in The Traveller’s Return, 87.)

“Death is merely the casting off of the garment of flesh, which you bury out of sight and which passes into dust. You, the real Ego, with its personality, pass at once into the intermediate world [i.e., the Etheric Plane or Borderland].”  (Therold, Further Messages from Across the Border-Line, 95.)

“Nothing in life comes up to the immense joy of dying.

“Death has been made such a bogey that it is only through suffering and great discomfort that we are persuaded to let go and co-operate with death. The body fights to retain life on any terms: it is inborn instinct of the body brain, so we have to re-educate this body brain to the point when it will accept and relinquish its power without waiting for the spirit to be wrenched away through pain and disease.” (Sir Alvary Gascoigne in Awakening Letters, 99.)

“You will find that more and more people just die in their tracks, which is the ideal way of leaving.

“I told you that I had experienced a strange feeling of power that seemed to be drawing me out of my body during the last few days of my illness. I was hopelessly ill and I knew it, so I welcomed this inrush of new life and let go very willingly. That was why I did not linger.

“You must realize that, when you have joined the ‘Club,’ the passing cannot be very long delayed and be ready to receive the power that draws you quite painlessly out of your body. It’s the most beautiful and glorious thing.

“I see so many are prolonging their life quite unnecessarily. If you give up the reins, as it were, to the great Creator, expressing your readiness, then life is withdrawn gently and lovingly and the dossier of your earthly effort is closed.

“We are not meant to suffer death. … We … say relax and let life do with you what it will. Life commands; you agree and co-operate.” (Sir Alvary Gascoigne in Awakening Letters, 100.)

“My death was beautiful. Everything became still. It changed to a quiet, calm sea after a blustering storm. The final experiences as a man were part of this storm. Then came the smooth waters of liberation. … It was a blessing to have been freed without illness, without extended pining away.” (Sigwart, The Bridge Over the River, 29.)

For more info, read the whole file at

Many Changes After Death

Circumstances vary from death to death.

However, once we transition, if we have been injured, then either on the Borderlands or in the Astral Plane, we’re attended to by spirits acting in the capacity of doctors and nurses, but primarily using light rays for healing.

On spirit hospitals in the Borderlands, see and, in the Astral Plane, .

Their treatment is usually for our mental and emotional faculties.

Missing limbs are regenerated of and by themselves. Bodily disability and deformities disappear usually immediately. In a relatively short time, our spirit body assumes the age that we most preferred (28 for me).

The date and time of the transition of every spirit is known beforehand. None is left unaccompanied at the time of death, even the friendless. But some may not believe in a life after death and so they may not hear or see those who have come for them. They are watched over and rest in a fog until their spirit senses come alive and they can make out those who are there for them.

We think of this as happening on the spirit planes, but in fact everything above 3D, anywhere, is what we might consider the spirit planes. Only this third density features illness, missing limbs, old age, infirmity, etc.

So many paradigms will fall as the new truth is opened up for us. Our fear of death will disappear. Our notions of what happens after death will be dramatically revised. Our ability to speak with the transitioned, I understand, will increase.

This too will remove a great deal of stress from our lives and make us not afraid to speak our truth, even at the seeming “cost of our own lives.” (Since we are eternal beings, we actually never die.) This is one of the changes that SaLuSa hints at when he says “you have to get used to the idea that death itself is nothing to fear.”

The more paradigm shifts we can make now, the easier the startling new discoveries of the future will be.

I’m away for the weekend. Back Monday. Don’t let the party start without me.




(1) SaLuSa, Oct. 30, 2009, at .

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