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Take a Stand on Fear

October 28, 2009

So much in SaLuSa’s message today (1) that I can’t let pass by without comment. The first one is:

“President Obama will lead the plan that releases you from the dark Ones, and his true colors will be seen once he can fully establish his authority. He has his critics and that is to be expected, but his hands are tied until he can muster the support he needs to go surging ahead.

“Our presence will enable that to happen, which is one of the reasons the dark Ones try to prevent disclosure of our existence. That is quite impossible as it has been decreed that it is now time for you to meet us.”

Another confidence-boosting affirmation of President Obama.

But even more important for me is the sentence “it has been decreed that it is now time for you to meet us.”

The importance of this sentence is to demonstrate to us that there are divine deadlines by which an event has to happen. If we terrestrials (I nearly said, Earthlings!) get together and unite behind an action before the deadline, such that we create the light energy for the event to happen, it will.

But if we don’t, then we have to wait for the divine deadline to be reached. Apparently now the divine deadline for disclosure has arrived. 

On divine deadlines, see

The second passage is this:

“We ask you many times not to be fearful, and we shall continue to do so as that would be playing into the hands of those who would keep you in the dark. Certainly be aware of events that are taking place, but do not emotionally become involved.”

I’ve discussed the positive vs. the negative before. As I’ve said many times, I’m not committed to the positive over the negative or the negative over the positive so much as I am to the truth.

By the same token, I’m very much aware that fear undoes every good thing.  Most of us go in and out of fear. As far as I can see, the truth rarely (OK, sometimes – in extremity) emerges in a fearful person.

We need to take a stand on ourselves and put fear aside. Even if we become involved in events, we cannot become (or remain) involved from a fear-based place, which is how I read SaLuSa’s “do not become emotionally involved.”

The same could be said about an anger-based place or a hatred-based place. Gandhi put harmlessness (ahimsa) ahead of truth because he knew that truth-based actions are undone if they are not framed in harmlessness.

My sense is that the dark knows that as well. Hence their many attempts to make us afraid, angry, and hateful.

If you need any proof of this, just look at the TV programming a month or two before disclosure: the “Alien” trilogy,  “V” is back, “Fear Month” one channel boasts, everywhere programs on people killing people, monsters killing people, aliens killing people.

I’m waiting for the return of “Independence Day.”

We need to put our fear behind us and that takes an act of will. Some people may not yet have located that will, but, the galactics are saying, now is the time to find it. Fear is an emotion that yields to will. And will is innate in everyone.

This is one of those times for heavy-lifting. But we are told that we are certain of success.

Let’s take the galactics up on the challenge.




(1) SaLuSa’s Oct. 28, 2009 message can be read here:

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